The Siren is a Massacre-exclusive enemy. These black witches are capable of granting impenetrable elemental resistances to other enemies. Sirens do not have to killed to beat waves, but are guaranteed to drop high-quality loot on death.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Siren always spawns with one of four elemental resistances: Physical, Fire, Lightning or Poison. She is invincible to all defenses regardless of her affinity. Any hero/pet damage that matches her element is reduced to 10% as opposed to zero (0%) for all other enemies. When a Siren spawns, she follows a ground lane for a period of time then idles in place. If a player does not hit her, the Siren will eventually backtrack to her spawn point and flee from the battle. All other enemies she passes by on her retreat are granted permanent 90% damage reduction to the Siren's element, as well as full immunity to all non-damaging effects associated with her element. This elemental resistance granted is impossible to negate, not even through Elemental Barriers, Strength Drain Auras or Darkness Traps. The Siren herself also cannot have her elemental affinity disabled or removed by any means.

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Attacking a Siren frequently prevents her from fleeing, but will eventually aggro her into fighting back. She casts powerful elemental balls of magic at players. She will try to predict her target's movement (i.e: shoot in front of the direction they are moving). Her magic is unable to damage Eternia Crystals. After firing three projectiles minimum, the Siren idles for a few seconds before fleeing, unless a player damages her again, refreshing the witch's aggro.

If the player(s) defeat a Siren, she will always drop loot of at least 70% of the maximum quality the given map and game mode allows (assuming that Hardcore Mode is also enabled). This makes Siren hunting one of the fastest methods to earn valuable gear, especially in Massacre Survival.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You can safely stall and farm Sirens by continuously shooting them while standing behind a Reflect Field.
  • Do not bother attacking Sirens your weapon or pet is not very effective against, unless you intend to stall them.
  • Beware of Poison Sirens if your build depends on Poison Traps to stun Sharken. Any sharks a Poison Siren passes by will be immune to the gas (unless they are fused).
  • Since the Siren is a rifted enemy by default, she takes double fusion damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Years before her official debut in Awakened, a Siren can be seen in one of the trailers for Dungeon Defenders II. The same trailer features a voodoo doll which can be found hidden somewhere on every map in DDA, including the Tavern.
  • The fact Sirens attempt to predict the players' location with their magic is a stark contrast to most enemy artificial intelligence (AI) in action video games, including the Dungeon Defenders series. Enemies usually attack at the player's current location, whether or not they are moving. The Siren in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened requires brave players to quickly change direction whenever she attacks.

Version History[edit | edit source]

1.2: Now classified as a "rifted enemy" for the purpose of Rift Mode. No longer spawns with her aura pre-active, instead generating it when she flees.

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